May 6th, 2004 | Feature | PlayStation 2
Toro and the Shooting Star Guide
It just, wasn't, enough. Put on your helmets and walk through the halls of a feature that goes above and beyond the call of insanity.

A new group of Pokepi live in Yumesa Town, and they add quite a bit of flavor to the game. Some are helpful, some are humorous, some are hurtful, but rest assured they’re all entertaining.
  This crimson cutie is Yumesa Town’s resident reporter. Her Uki Uki Shinbun newspaper is posted in the apartment lobby and new stories are written regularly. When she needs an interview, she shoves her imaginary microphone in her subject’s face and diligently fishes out a scoop.  
  Short-tempered and long-winded, Mitsuru always has something to say. He’s ready to help if someone needs it (usually his sister Sachie), but no one should try and purposely upset him, unless you enjoy a good haranguing.  
  Shy and negative, Sachie isn’t what you’d call the enthusiastic type. When she’s not worrying about herself, it’s her brother Mitsuru, or her friends, or often nothing in particular.  
  If Sachie is worrysome, then Coco is like a neurotic cocktail. An overactive imagination combined with being weak of heart can lead to multiple faintings when presented with any sort of negativity or halfway scary statement. Luckily, her tail doubles as an excellent airbag.  
  Bogie’s the proprietor of Yumesa’s Casablanca restaurant. He’s a hard-boiled, nihilistic sort with a rough tongue and a dark past… sounds awfully familiar, no? All this complication surrounding him and yet he’s still just an itty bitty hamster.  
  Andrew’s kind of a jerk (heh, jerk chicken…). He’s just so fed up with the world that he doesn’t know what to do. But living the punk life can be hard for anyone. His soulful shouts of "no future!" can be heard echoing through the hills.  
  Minmin is like your annoying matchmaking friend — she’s a believer and expert in love at first sight. However, she’s still a fickle little thing and devotes most of her time to herself.  
  Like other thick-headed crusaders, Caesar means well, he just doesn’t express it well. He hides away on Ura Hill and keeps a steady watch on any pieces of the shooting star that may come along. Though generally he’s just a big red obstacle in Toro’s way.  
  Nora’s presence is an ominous one. She appears every so often to dispense wisdom and cryptic statements to Toro, with a secret hope that he fulfills his quest. Nora prefers loneliness, and with only her guitar by her side, that’s just what she gets.  


Doko Demo Info

Sony is rightfully celebrating Doko Demo Issyo’s 5th anniversary by making you earn points to acquire crazy merchandise. It’s all part of the ongoing ArigaToro! campaign. By collecting stickers from new Doko Demo games and/or merchandise, you can enter to win yourself either a diamond star pendant or a star-shaped cushion with Toro’s face stamped on it. 500 people will get the cushion while only 5 will get the pendant, and if you can’t feel happy even with rare Doko Demo goods, what else will do?!

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