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About Crunk Games

Give up learning, and put an end to your troubles. –Lao Tsu

Crunk Games is an independent gaming enthusiast web site. In other words, another fansite. Another small-time endeavor so a couple of dudes can see if they can get their foot in the door. Another itty-bitty site that only a certain sect of people “get.” Underpromoted, unpopular, uncontroversial.

Thank goodness for that.

We write about games we’re interested in or always have been interested in. We could be interested in a bad game (for irony, mind you) or a good one. It’s just that we’ve covered more of the good ones over the years. We tend to talk about Japanese-made games the most, but that’s pure circumstance more than any sort of bias; starting with the NES will do that to anybody. At least you won’t see any of those overdone "CRAZY GAMES FROM JAPAN YOU NEVER PLAYED" articles — we’re a great big one!

We write whatever comes to mind regarding a game. Whether it’s goofy, serious, seriously tepid, rambling or just plain teetering on the edge of total stuffed-shirtness (that’s when we really like something).

Though if we are one thing, it’s accurate. Accuracy is good.


Ray Barnholt

Ray’s life is simple: an uninterrupted 15+-year interest in games led to an indefinite disinterest in everything else. In 1997 he started writing about NES games as a snotty preteen while wallowing in emulation forums and obscure IRC channels, growing ever more cynical of game “journalists” while secretly wishing to be one. Then he lucked into a position at the GIA and became a huge kiss-ass. Here’s to a bright future.

Alex Fraioli

Alex may not share the frothing demand that Ray has, but that’s not to say he can’t obsess with the best of them. With a skew towards RPGs and horror games, Alex is the one to go to when you want to know the full stats of each slime in Dragon Quest V or which way Jill Valentine’s beret droops.

Canadian Bureau (Emotional support)
Joel Ladouceur
Lauren Lucas

Angst Monkey

Possible Questions Raised When Visiting Crunk Games

Can I write for you guys? Are you a very good friend of ours? No? Well then, probably no, unless we like you but don’t know you. Not that our good friends have written much here either, since they also have lives to struggle with. Furthermore, we hold pretty much the same standards as the big boys — in other words, don’t hope of breaking into the business by way of us. There are many other places on the same level yet more popular than we are, and we strongly suggest trying them before all else.

So… can I write for you guys? Nah, we’re elitist pricks. Sorry.

Do you cover PC games? Trust us, we enjoy a good Scandinavian FPS or ridiculously esoteric strategy game as much as you do, but we’re simply behind the curve and spent too much of our childhood with consoles to really make the effort. The most you’ll probably see here is an in-depth retrospective of Corncob 3D. You’ll love it, though!

Where’s your coverage of [_______]? It seems natural for you to cover it! It might, but we may be fighting a bout of procrastination or we could just be plain not feeling it. For example, none of us are humongous fans of Megami Tensei games, even though we like them, and a super overhyped game may just not warrant our redundant view. If you want to promote a certain game, why not start with yourself?

Where’s the forum? Are you serious? Do YOU even visit the site enough to justify one?

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