May 6th, 2004 | Feature | PlayStation 2
Toro and the Shooting Star Guide
It just, wasn't, enough. Put on your helmets and walk through the halls of a feature that goes above and beyond the call of insanity.

The star put a pretty nasty dent in the communication tower at the top of the hill… okay, so "dent" may be putting it lightly. Mitsuru’s rather cheesed off about it, in fact he’s paralyzed with rage.

Minmin and Sachie appear and introduce themselves, but Mitsuru’s still on edge. Sachie’s worried about her bro, but there’s not much anybody can do for him right now. Just go and keep talking to Sachie, Minmin and Suzuki, who’s over by the fountain.

Go back to the shrine path and talk to Andrew, then back up to talk to Mitsuru. Sachie and Minmin will soon join in, and then Andrew will appear and act like a jerk some more.

He starts going off, and furiously chucks an egg shell which happens to land on Toro. He’ll be fine, though. After the gasping and commotion settles, go over and pick up the egg shell.

Use the shell on everybody including Andrew (who is now lamenting at the end of the path), then go talk to him the usual way, which will start up a cutscene. After that, go back to the tower and talk to the rabble there.

You’ll then have to answer a slew of word inputs, but don’t let ’em get you down; they don’t even have much to do with the story. Eventually it will end and everybody will run away towards the end of the path. Follow them and talk to Andrew.

Doko Demo Info

Just as Nintendo’s collectible hellspawn have the Pokémon Centers, Sony has a number of Doko Demo Issyo Stores in shopping centers throughout Japan. While not nearly as large as the Pikachu palaces, the DDI stores are the best places to go for stylish goods emblazoned with Toro’s image. Currently the chain is wrapping up the last of their "Picnic" events for the past year, where patrons gather to indulge in overpriced food, buy exclusive merchandise or even have their picture taken with Toro.

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